Sokolov Muzeum, allowance organization of the Karlovy Vary Region

Sokolov was mentioned in writing for the first time in 1279, when there was a circular stronghold with a palace at the place of the current chateau. The current appearance of the chateau dates back to the 17th century and it underwent classicist renovations in 1805. The museum is seated there since 1960 when the Museum of the mining region of Sokolov was placed there. In 1982, this museum became a municipal museum and later the District Museum of Sokolov with expert departments and with a new permanent exposition since 1986, too. In the following years, the exposition underwent different modifications; the largest of those renovations occurred at the turn of 2012–2013, when the exposition was extended.
The first part of the exposition informs the visitors about the nature and the history of the region; the next part presents the fields of industry that are important for the region, such as porcelain and glass (drink bottles) manufacturing, musical instruments manufacturing and, of course, mining. The newly opened part introduces the history of the Nostitz family who owned the chateau in the years 1622–1945. The other two rooms are dedicated to the works of the painter David Friedmann who lived and worked in the Sokolov region in the years 1946–1947. The museum also has exposition halls for shirt-time expositions.

Opening hours:
January - December We - Su:    9-12 a.m. and 1-5 p.m.

Admission fee:                                             40 CZK
Reduced (pensioners, students, children):     20 CZK
School classes:                                               15 CZK
Family ticket:                                                     80 CZK

tel. +420 352 623 930

Where to park?
parking place next to former monastery, access form Komenského street